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Lord Krishna – The Real Villain of Mahabharata

                Some time back I saw a Hindi movie “Rajneeti”. The story line is based on the great Indian epic “Mahabharata”. In an after-movie discussion with my friends I was telling them why I don’t like Lord Krishna, though he is supposed to be “the GOD”. I had this thought for quite a few years when I started asking questions “Why” for everything. This blog is based on this. I am putting forward my thoughts on “Why Lord Krishna is the real Villain?”
                Just a recap of Mahabharata: It revolves around the Kauravas, Pandavas and Karna the pre-marital son of the mother of Pandavas, Kunti. The former is portrayed as the villains and the later as the hero’s, saviors of justice, good deeds and virtue. In a game of dice, the Pandavas are compelled to play with all the things they have including the brothers, the king and their common wife Draupati. All were won by the Dhartarashtras, the Pandavas were humiliated and sent to forest for 12 years. In their return to claim their lost things, a war is declared between Dhartarashtras and Pandavas with Karna at Dhartarashtras’ side due to pure friendship and Lord Krishna at Pandavas’ side due to the family relationship. Lord Krishna plays tactically outside the war frame and also within the frame to defeat the Dhartarashtras. The entire story is written as a book called the Bhagavad Gita.
                Now you may ask a question why “Lord Krishna” is the villain. After all, he saved the Pandavas who are considered to be “Good” people and won the battle for them. Let us see why?
                I would like to introduce another hero rather the “hidden hero” of Mahabharata, Karna. Bhagavad Gita portrays him as an all time generous and a good individual. He never says no to anybody whatever they may ask for. After all, he also carries the same blood as that of the Pandavas. He is the son of the “Sun” and “Kunti”. Since he is a premarital son of Kunti, after his birth he was rolled in a cloth and set afloat on river Ganga. He was then picked up by a charioteer of the king and raised was by him. He was born with armour and earrings. He was a great warrior and learnt the art by himself by just observing the guru. He was better than the best, Arjuna. Karna is a true friend of Duryodhana, the king of Dhartarashtras.
                So now let us come to the point. We all know that Lord Krishna played a vital role in Mahabharata. Why do I portray him as a villain?
                I call Krishna the Villain keeping Karna in mind as my hero. The only mistake, people say, he did wrong was being in the bad company. Otherwise Gita portrays him as a gem of a person. At one stage after the war Krishna himself says to Arjuna that Karna is the real warrior and better than him. There are reasons how he was pulled into the bad company. Karna was denied his rights in several kingship activities saying he is not a Kshatriya and son fo a charioteer. He was humiliated and cursed for the reason of his birth. Naturally, he accepted the person who extended a friendly arm. Though Duryodhana involved in evil activities, he was a good friend of Karna and he saw Karna as his Commander in his army. Here, Krishna doesn’t have anything to do, but as we all call him “GOD” he could have stopped Karna ending up with bad company. This was his first fault as Karna is worth a human being.
                During the “Game of Dice” still Karna refused to support the activities of Shakuni and he didn’t like him. The climax of the “Game of Dice”, the humiliation of Draupadi, is heart breaking from the Pandavas point of view but it all started and ended with the knowledge of Krishna and I would say it of no mistake from Duryodhana. In the game of dice the Pandavas lost their wife, Draupadi. Krishna didn’t stop Pandavas from playing their wife. He didn’t do that or he was not there to advice Pandavas and Pandavas, didn’t know how to respect a woman, leave alone their wife. They saw their wife equivalent to objects to play with. Krishna didn’t advice them but had decided to play it against Duryodhana and his friend Karna, who didn’t have his presence in the court room. If Krishna had to punish, he should have done it with Duryodhana and Shakuni and not Karna.
                Just before the great battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna strategizes on the strengths and weaknesses of Duryodhana. He understands Karna to be the biggest strength and meets Karna to reveal the truth of his birth and mother and asks him to join Pandavas, ditching Duryodhana, but Karna refuses. Now Krishna, as he had failed, tries to get Karna through the back door by using his weakness, generous nature etc. He orders Lord Indra to meet Karna and ask for his golden armour and earrings fearing that these two will guide Karna to victory. Karna though, knew that the person who had come was Lord Indra in disguise and also of his intensions, still cut off the armour and gave it to Lord Indra. In return Indra gave him to use the “Bhramashtra”.
                Krishna was worried by the meeting of Lord Indra and Karna, though he succeeded 50% in his plan. Still Karna had the bhramastra which Lord Indra gave him. This time Krishna tries to play with Karna’s emotions and asks Kunti to meet Karna and let him know the truth. Kunti tried to get him with Pandavas but as usual Karna refused. He also gave her a word that he will not harm the Pandavas but “Arjuna” and also use the ashtray only once. Since Arjuna is in the hands of Krishna, Karna knew that nothing may harm him. In return Karna didn’t ask for surety of his own life.
                During the war, Karna spared every member of the Pandavas. When he met Arjuna with Krishna, Krishna plays a trick. When Karna used his Bhramastra, Krishna cunningly sunk the chariot down to save Arjuna. Karna’s aim was the neck of Arjuna and since the chariot was sunk, it missed Arjuna. The charioteer for Karna, said not to aim his neck but the waist. Karna didn’t consider that advice, due to that the charioteer left the battlefield angry leaving behind Karna helpless. When Karna tries to get his chariot running, Krishna orders Arjuna to attack him and so does Arjuna, but Karna remains alive. The Dharma that Karna did unto others was saving him from dying. Krishna knew that killing Karna is difficult when they face him and ordered to kill him when he was busy pushing the chariot.
                To tackle this Lord Krishna appears as an old aged brahmin in front of Karna and asks him for the fruits of all the dharma that he has done and as usual Karna gives that and dies. After the war, when Lord Krishna meets Gandhari, she tells to Krishna "you knew what was going to happen and you still could've prevented the war".
                Yes this is the point where I am coming from.
·         Krishna could have stopped the war, he could have brought everyone together well before anything could have happened.
·         Krishna hit the weak points of Karna before the war could begin knowing that he cannot win him in the battlefield. This is an ultimate misuse of Krishna’s powers, as he is the god and he knew what was going to happen.
·         Krishna sent Lord Indra to get Karnas armour, which is the super cunning behaviour one can show.
·         Krishna sent Kunti to get two promises, which is what we call playing politics. Kunti didn’t have an option. She had to spare Karna life in return for her five legal sons, as Karna is not a legal child and if the world comes to know about it, they would curse her.
·         Krishna sunk the chariot to save Arjuna and he knew that Karna would not use the ashtray for the second time as he had promised his mother. This is against the nature. Just to save somebody of his interest how can nature be changed?
·         Krishna uses the chariot which has the divine power of Lord Hanuman, which protected them from Karna’s arrows. This is against the rules of war, as people with equal powers are expected to face each other.
·         After all, Krishna knew that Karna is a righteous and generous person. If Karna would have lived for some more time then dharma would have stood in the minds and hearts of the people. By killing Karna, Krishna has eradicated dharma from people.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended not to hurt the hearts that worship and love Lord Krishna. This is just another view from a humble thinker. There could be counter arguments to the points mentioned above and it doesn’t discuss about the entire backdrop of Mahabharata.


  1. Nice Blog, and i don't believe in GOD. But still want to comment on it what you have written.

    1. Krishna birth and his work was supposed to be the last work before the end of Satya Yug. Because we were heading towards Kalyug.

    2. His birth was aimed to kill all the evil powers from the earth at that time before moving to kalyug.

    3. All Mahabharata Stuff was pre-planned between superior GOD. So, Krishna's work was to pull all the evil forces to on place and kill them.

    I feel, this is why he din't stopped the war, and worked as giving fuel to file. Once his mission get accomplished, he left and if you see the history of Krishna, he also died and dwarka was also fallen before kalyug.

    1. Mahabharat is a great example set by divinity to convey the message given by karna's lifestory to people in kalyuga like us... to live with dharma even if we Face eternal sufferings and interpret dharma correctly which karna didn't...
      Hail shri krishna
      Please dont call him villain
      Dont increase your dushkarmic layers

    2. Mahabharat is a great example set by divinity to convey the message given by karna's lifestory to people in kalyuga like us... to live with dharma even if we Face eternal sufferings and interpret dharma correctly which karna didn't...
      Hail shri krishna
      Please dont call him villain
      Dont increase your dushkarmic layers

    3. I agree with you. I am glad to see an intelligent comment. Krishna was a real villain.

  2. Nice attempt.Read Mahabharata from good authors it teaches you a lot in life. First correction is Duryodhana and Co are called Kauravas and not Dhartarashtras..Dhirdhirashtra is blind king and father of Duryodhana and another 99 sons.

    Before the war Duryodhana was given option to choose between the following:
    1. All the huge army of Krishna or
    2. just Krishna who will not fight in the battle.
    and Duryodhana foolishly chose the former.

    I can see that you mentioned "Karna was denied his rights in several kingship activities saying he is a Kshatriya and not a Brahmin. " is wrong. He was denied because he was a son of charioteer and not Kshatriya

  3. Good thoughts. Great way to present ones thoughts, with an Introduction of characters and then describing the story in a preceise and concise manner, and then driving the point, with illustrations and then the conclusion. So good writing skills and thought provoking blog.

    Below are my comments on above mentioned thoughts in the blog.

    1) Human being are so involved in their own things and their surroundings, that even GOD comes and saves the world, the cant appreciate or for that matter recognize, that good has happenend. We are so deeply engrosed in our own things(Selfishness, good though, nature of mankind).So to make a point here, and potray that good and evil exists in the world, and learn to differentiate them by your wisdom, Kirshna did not stop the war.Let people go though their own experience, and break their heads and find out what is good and bad for them is the point that Krishna the Character wanted to potray to humans (as we can appreciate only things related to us ).

    2) They say "Everything is fare in love and war", though it is a cli'che, it stands true to a point. When your going for a war, if your prepared for your strengths, you lost the half battle, before it commences. You should be prepared for your weakness. Strengths comes to you sub consciously, as you have done it repeatedly, weakness is the one, actually facing the war, within. To put it in our language of developers, if their is code jam contest, where in you have develop an application, within some hours, if your trying to do it only with your ABAP knowledge though you might be geek in that area, you lost the competition, you should know may be little of other things that are needed to finsih the competition, or have the nack to get it done through others, then your the winner.Skill and Talent opens the first door, may be second one as well, but ability and attitude opens the last door for you. Krishna the character wants you to realize that by hiting the weak points of Karna.

    3) Krishna built the network and relationship, for executing the plan, whereas Karna was blessed by the Lord with abundant skills. So what shows here is you may have the skills, but you succeed if you can identify others skills as well. Krishna the character, knew, the strenght of Indira and weakness of Karna.

    4) Everybody should repent or has to face the consequences of the deeds they have done, in this life. This is the fear or the point that Krishna the character wants to potray by doing so,when he has used Kunti's past actions and making her to take decision to choose. You will be held responsible for the acts/deeds you do, in some or other way, knowingly or unknowingly. Be ready to face it.

  4. 5) Karna held the promise, he has given to his mother Kunti, hence, he finds his name in the mythological/history books as "Dana Veera Karna", and the one who upholds promises. He got his due credit for it. Krishna the character realizes that upholding one's promise is a greatest virtue, and one has to go through great struggle in doing so. He himself wanted to get into the shoes of being such a character, and in his next avatar, as Rama, left his kingdom and people to forest, banishing all the luxuries of life, on the word of his father. This shows that no one is perfect, including the GOD. HE constantly is the Endeavour of refining and attain perfection, through his creations. As Scientists have researched and found out, every atom in this world (forget living or non living), moves to the attainment of perfection(both in the micro and the macro world).

    6) Krishna uses, the chariot, which has the divine power of the Lord, what a beautiful sentence, this says, that even the GOD cannot say I am complete, i have the skill, talent, ability, or the power. HE has to even pray to Hanuman, to get that divine power.

    7)Krishna the character, knew, Karna was very good, so he gave credit, to his deeds, today we are talking about Karna and referencing him to be the hero and Krisna to be the Villian, because of that. But the Krishna knows, that Karna the character, needs more skills and wisdom, to be termed as hero of Mahabaratha by the future generations. Human Beings tend to make him the ideal and satisfy themselves, if they are closer to it.

    After mentioning the above points, i would like to conclude, that I have no clue, was Krishna the Character existed or not in real sense(real world), but we attribute Krishna the character of Mahabharata as GOD, for his farsightedness, trusting others capabilities, and making them do the work, trusting ones own capabilities, even though you do not possess great skills like your opponent, and driving the point to all the humans that, we have to bear the consequences of what deeds we do, so act, work, live safely or face the war within, and come out courageously and be hero, or loose the battle and be timid.

    Thanks Arul for making me think and penn down my thoughts,in this medium.

  5. Krishna came to earth to eradicate evil. during this avatar, just like in the Parasurama avatar, the Kshatriya rulers were causing havoc. If u read the Mahabharata, there were a lot of evil minded rulers and generals. Krishna used all sorts of tactics to let out this corrupted Kshatriyan blood.

    as far as the injustice he has caused to Karna... let it be known, that even in the Ramayana, a wise man like vibeeshan left Ravan, because Ravan had committed adharm by kidnapping Sita.

    The laws of hinduism simply states that if u stand against dharma, you will loose, no matter how 'dharmic' you are. ie to say, it does not matter if you uphold dharma in your personal life, if you stand against those who fight for dharma, you will lose.

  6. Nice blog, well narrated.
    I did not read mahabharata, I dont believe in god and his greatness. Considering Mahabharata just as a story with nice morals, i think you failed proving Krishna wrong in any other instance ohter than Karna and the plot of defeating and killing Karna.
    Also, if you closely see, there is a moral in this may choose to follow or take couple of wrong steps to protect the ultimate good.

    Krishna neither forced Pandavas to gamble nor stopped Dhuryodana strippping Dhropadhi, he only protected Dhropadhi.

    Everybody pays for their evil deeds including Krishna as he had to see worst in his life at the end. His country men dying with strange diseases, his wealth and kingdom destroyed by the ocean, all heirs dying.Nobody escapes the destiny which is based on the gud deeds and bad deeds of urs.

    njoyed reading the blog and commeting.. thank you..

  7. Karna was the personification of loyalty, strength and righteousness. He is portrayed as evil just because of his closeness to Duryodhana. For what honour Duryodhana bestowed on Karna by making him a king, Karna was right in standing by him whether Duryodhan was right or wrong. Duryodhana earned Karna's death defying loyalty by conferring upon him a honour that the pandavas would not. Drona and Bhishma could not digest the fact that Karna was a better warrior than their protege Arjuna. That is the reason why they denied him particpation in the warrior contest by declaring him ineligible. When he was shamed by all of them in such massive public, it was Duryodhana who came to his rescue. For what Duryodhana did for Karna, Karna naturally swore his complete allegiance to him. And that is why he stood by him till his death irrespective of whatever bad or evil things Duryodhana did. That does not make Karna evil.

    The fact is that Krishna is the real evil. It was him who was the incarnation of adharma. The misery he brought upon through the war which he could have well prevented is what makes him the villain. God or not who cares....what Krishna did was shameful, vile, obscene and besotted with guile and guilt.

    Karna proved that being a simple human being he was greater than the God that Krishna was. Even this God character could not prevail upon a human being. Krishna failed miserably with all his godliness to make Karna change sides. He tried to shamelessly lure Karna to pandavas' side with all kinds of promises. But Karna was the 'Man.' He didn't succumb to even god's tactics, he stood by his friend duryodhana to his last breath.

    That is why the hero of Mahabharat is Karna, the mighty, Karna the righteous, Karna the Loyal Lord of Honour. If I could.....I wish to have been atleast the dust under his feet....the great Karna, the greatest of all.

    As far as Krishna....the lesser said the better. For all his being a god....he died an ignoble and a shameful death, the death of a stray dog. And that was the punishment he deserved for all his misdeeds. He brought a curse upon his own people, he is the real and true embodiment of cunning evil.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


      Sir, I am directly replying to you because you used too harsh words to describe the Almighty Lord whom many devotees worship and love. I would just clarify some notions that you have.

      Yes Krishna could have prevented the war. But did he try.? In fact He did.. Bagavan Krishna visited as messenger to pandavas, asking to compensate ONLY 5 villages to Pandavas so that the war could be stopped, but The Evil Duryodana refused saying that He will not give place as small as the point of the needle.

      And Krishna did not die shameful, He was shot by the hunter on his lotus foot, because Lord Krishna had promised so, when he took Ram Avatar. This symbolizes only the greatness of Lord ShriKrishna. Being the Almighty God he did not have to end his lila like that. But it was because of his Just nature that he chose to end his lila in this manner.

      And also, God does not make your decisions, he just provides us various ways and it is up to us which path we choose. Likewise he never forced Arjun to do war, he just forwarded the points what is good and evil, right and wrong, paap or punya. If Arjuna wanted he could still have decided not to fight. But Arjuna was a Dharmik man so he had to do what was right and put an end to the evil kikgdom of Kauravs.

      And Lord ShriKrishna`s clan perished because of his grand children`s insulting a Great Sage, it had nothing to do with the lord. Lord ShriKrishna could have saved his clan but he did not, because in his eyes every one is his own child so he is equally just to everyone. If Karna had to die for his misdeeds so did his clan.

      So sir, it is my most humble request that before insulting someone like that please reconsider and do some proper research. And try not to hurt feelings with such sharp words. Having an opinion is welcome but try and present them in a more subtle and peaceful manner.

      Regards, Bikram Das.


  8. Lets clear up some of your confusion -
    1)Mahabharata has the story of Pandavas, Kauravas and your Karna. Bhagvad Gita is a small, but philosophical discussion during the entire epic of Mahabharata.
    2)Karna was a great donor, but he was wicked in his harassment of Pandavas. He was intimately involved in ever single plan to rob Pandavas of their peace and prosperity. Even a bad person may have one or two good qualities - but that does not make him good overall.
    3)Krushna wasn't there during the game of dice. He wasn't even consulted. Had he been there, he would never have let this happen.
    4)It was Karna who insulted Drupadi after the game of dice and advised Dushashan to disrobe her in public.
    5)Karna called Drupadi a prostitute in public and asked her to take any man her new paramour.
    6)Karna was taught by Drona and Parshurama. He lied to Parashurama to get his weapons training. Eklavya learned his art by intuition - not Karna.
    7)Often Karna boasted that he could defeat Arjun in battle, but he never did it when given half a chance. During Ghosh-Yatra, when Duryodhan was captured by gandharvas, Karna ran away. It was Arjun and Bhima who rescued him. During Virta's war, Arjun soundly defeated Karna and even removed his clothes to take them back to princess Uttara. In the main Mahabharata battle, Karna only fought for 4 days and Arjun for all 18. Arjun defeated Karna the same was as Karna killed Abhimanu.

    As to "could Krushna have prevented this war"?
    Well, why should he ?
    Either we have "free will" or we are "puppets" of god.
    We have chosen to be independent and not be the play thing of god. (how many of you would prefer to be Chinese / North Korean or live in Stalinist Russia ?)
    Having given us free will, why should god stand in the way of us experiencing the fruits of our choices ? With "rights" come "responsibility".
    Krushna did not help Yudhisthir after the game of dice (his one and only mistake) and let him suffer his exile for 13 long years. Why should he not than punish Kauravs for a life time of evil ?

    God is fair.
    We just don't like it when the finger of justice is pointed at us.

    I recommend you read the original Mahabharat before making up your mind about its characters.

    1. Very well written and I completely agree with you Bhagwat ji.....

  9. pls find answers below
    · Krishna could have stopped the war, he could have brought everyone together well before anything could have happened.
    answer: it was his mission to destroy the demonic people.

    · Krishna hit the weak points of Karna before the war could begin knowing that he cannot win him in the battlefield. This is an ultimate misuse of Krishna’s powers, as he is the god and he knew what was going to happen.
    answer: karna was demon in his last life and had 1000 armours in nar narayan incarnation lord broke 999 armours then karna took sheltor of sun god and sun god found situation and gave back demon on earth through kunti maharani.
    karna fleed twice from battle field in virat parva and arjuna single handedly defeated kaurava army including bhishma also in same battle he killed karnas younger brother.

    · Krishna sent Lord Indra to get Karnas armour, which is the super cunning behaviour one can show.
    answer: krishna can kill karna with armour also but in order to maintain rules of material world he did so.
    remember krishna is person who is worshipped by yamraj also even yamraj gave return dead son of sandipani muni, from krishna's parital incarnation millions of universes are created including brahma (comes from navel of lord)and shiva coems from space between eyebrows of brahma and then rest will come.
    krishna simply shows whole creation in his mouth.

    · Krishna sent Kunti to get two promises, which is what we call playing politics. Kunti didn’t have an option. She had to spare Karna life in return for her five legal sons, as Karna is not a legal child and if the world comes to know about it, they would curse her.
    answer: karna was rakshas in reality he was destined to die.

    · Krishna sunk the chariot to save Arjuna and he knew that Karna would not use the ashtray for the second time as he had promised his mother. This is against the nature. Just to save somebody of his interest how can nature be changed?
    answer: karna's power was given by krishna only (parshurama gave him) and he had forgotten his powers as lord parshurama cursed him as he was cheater.

    · Krishna uses the chariot which has the divine power of Lord Hanuman, which protected them from Karna’s arrows. This is against the rules of war, as people with equal powers are expected to face each other.
    answer: it is lords love and remember arjuna had defeated karna twice in virat parva.

    · After all, Krishna knew that Karna is a righteous and generous person. If Karna would have lived for some more time then dharma would have stood in the minds and hearts of the people. By killing Karna, Krishna has eradicated dharma from people.
    answer: karna was very bad in heart similar to politicians. many times we are not given right information. karna insisted duryodhana to remove clothes of draupadi, karna also misbehaved with duryodhanas wife but both were rascles and selfish.
    krishna is supreme god he could finish war within minutes but he gave credit to pandavas.he washed horses of arjuna, he offered throne to karna but he wanted to be on bad side, he told duryodhana gave 5 villages but they rejected.
    many things are there

    all vedas , puranas glorifying lord nad u on basis of soeculative novel which was written by stupid person beceoms biased. do you feel that all ancestor were stupid ?

    1. Why are you saying anything about Lord Shiva?, I see Vaishnavites always trying to show that Lord Vishnu is supreme. We Hindus had enough of beatings by Islamic invaders and Christians so lets not fight for greatness quotient between Lord Shiva and Vishnu, Lord Shiva is unborn and in my opinion both Lord Vishnu and Shiva are two names of Supreme power. What you wrote doesn't sound nice to lot of Hindus.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. god help those who helps themselves. Number of times the duryodhan did wrong with pandavs, it can be lakshagrah incident where he with the connivance of his maternal uncle tried to kill them, then with treachery defeated pandavs in the game of dice in all these occasions karna was with him. Karna was having the disease of friendship with the friend who might be right or wrong. Dharm(or righteousness) is always when you side with the truth.If my parents are wrong good they might be with me but i must be the first to point them to take the path of righteousness so that dharm must prevail. If karan has been defeated in the war no doubt he was best even surpassing arjun, but still since he took side of evil. So he ended his life and got defeat in his life. Krishan did not support pandavs because they were his cousins, but because dharam was with them, which he said time and again. Also, he tried to convince karna also of coming with pandavs. But since he was afflicted with the disease of loyalty. Though he knew that he was with wrong friend/person/duryodhan. So in the end it is fault of karna himself to choose the wrong person. correct yourself


    any comments are welcome..

  12. U say krishna wasn't just but as i see it d war itself was crooked as the whole army of kauravas fighting a small army of pandavas...given d ratio...i think krishna did wat he had to in order to make the righteous triumph.A fair war wud b where both d armies had equal or near equal strengths.As per why he didn't stop d war before hand...if he wud hv den d world wud hv missed d whole teaching of witness god's greatness...even jesus let lazarus die by deliberately returning late only to resurrect him later on to show god's glory to d world,dat's wat i believe.

  13. You cannot call Krishna a villain, because you don't know the position of Krishna. I don't know about Karna, but Krishna is NOT a villain.

    1. Agreed. Too many impulsively remark that Krsna and Jesus were evil without having the proper studies and insight. One has to first be prepared in the heart and mind before receiving the true messages.


    Every one is entitled to their own opinion. And I can appreciate your attempt to express your feelings. Well, almost all of your points have been discussed by many learned gentlemen. And by this point I take it that all of your doubts must have been cleared.

    Furthermore I would just like to add one more point, that is, Lord ShriKrishna did try to avoid the war from being fought. As he went to Duryodhana as the representative of The Pandavas, and asked Duryodhana to give the pandavas 5 small villages where they could dwell in union but Duryodhana vehemently refused, commenting that he shall not part even with land as much as the point of a needle. In this point i would say, Duryodhana could have stopped the war but he did not.

    So I would like to differ from your opinion.. And would conclude by saying that Lord ShriKrishna is and always will be our Hero, Lord and a dear Friend and a Brother and even a Lover.



  15. Dear Blogger,

    Have you ever read The Mahabharata or The Bhagavad Gita? Don't you know that The Gita potrays the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield on all important topics of human life. Though it is within the main epic but it particularly speaks nothing about Karna. You even don't know the difference between The Mahabharata and The Gita.

    THEREFORE, A simple and straight forward advice to you, study the Mahabharata as well as the Gita (particularly chapter 4, verse 7-8)

    P.S.: SHAME!

    1. Irrelevant to the discussion abt wats written where...the fact is underhanded tactics were used to kill karma..his generosity was abused n used to kill him...whole thing is a sham..the victors always present the losers as demons while they themselves were apparently faultless or touched by divinity...n idiots like u blindly believe it without asking questions..basically a conditioned way of thinking encouraged by our society family etc... Maybe its time you wake up and see the real problem instead of pointing out stupid irrelevant mistakes that make no real contribution to the discussion..

    2. Totally agree with you Debashis Barman, also one needs to read about Karna and who he was in his previous birth. I just wish people stop making him out a hero something which he wasn't.

    3. Agreed. How incredibly irresponsible it is for anyone to write such things on such sacred topics when they are only partial truths...if that! The power of words.

    4. The man that cahsed the Mahabharata war was definitely Krishna if he wanted to disclose identies why not tell the Pandavas that Karna is their older brother? Because he wanted war he win it with it with cheating that in all ways symbolizes evil so you should do some research of your own

  16. Dear Friend i dnt know from where u got the all information about the Mahabharat. But as i know u mentioned that Krana didn't had any Guru.... So his guru was Parsurama. Second thing Lord krishna was not in favor of Playing disc with duryodhana and if yudister was playing with duryodna then the disc must be trown by him not by shakuni. 3rd thing when yudistera lost him self then how he can play with a king because he became a slave of duryodhana and thats why the must be end at that point and dropadi will be safe. Again u mentioned karana a super hero of mahabharat so thats why i wanna to tell u that Karana also knows the fact that he is with wrong company and there is nothing but the war was between TRUE and LIES... So plz read or saw mahabharat and then write otherwise no need of yours expert advice because 1 thing i like in gita from many " No need to Argue with a half knowledge person because he will destroy him self."

  17. How authentic was krishna and pandavas we dont know .. It was in the perspective or the writer that they were good and Krishna was God. But my only doubt is if krishna is so good and then y did he use politics to protect Pandavas?

    If god him self plays politics why cant common person like us do ... instead we say that yamraj will take care and we will go to hell and all that stuff .. either this is wrong or Krishna was wrong!

    2) Pandavas should not be identifies during their vanavas but krishna met them and had dinner at their home .

    According to the recent study Lord krishna was an Alien who came to earth rules us .

    There were only space ships with which they have fought nothing else ..

    Anyway if really Lord krishna wanted to take away Evil from society then there would have been no real existence of Salva king at all and there would have been no Brahmins Dead after the mahabhrath .

    Lord Krishna used power like the salva king who used space crafts which still exists on earth and discovered in Afghanistan(search for vimana in web also there is a shastra on it called vimana shastra).

    According to me there was no GOD who came to earth and cleared evil out it was all man thoughts.

    All these epics showed us the evil effects on socity with wars .. we didnot realize yet the potential effects of it.

  18. I agree with your points. No offense to any devotee as i my self am a Hindu.Some people try to look away from this argument citing Sri Krishna as GOD. I'm not saying Sri Krishna is not GOD, i'm just very much intrigued why HE chose such means to win the war, when HE could have prevented it in the first place? I have seen people supporting his stance stating reason of upholding Dharma, but why does it look so tainted? His other counterpart Balrama despite being the Guru of Bhima and Duryodhana refrained from the Mahabharta War. In a nutshell, I am saying that I want a concrete answer if someone would want to support this means of His.

    1. Nor do you understand the principles of Sanatana Dharma...with all due respect.

    2. With all respect Santana dharma was codified by sukra. Who hates Vishnu and is guru to the asures. Also it is known the Gita was a upshaniad that was put in place to make krishna seem less villainous get your facts strat human slaves to the devs

    3. With all respect Santana dharma was codified by sukra. Who hates Vishnu and is guru to the asures. Also it is known the Gita was a upshaniad that was put in place to make krishna seem less villainous get your facts strat human slaves to the devs

  19. a little learning is a dangerous thing.Read throughly bhagabat GITA and mahabharat and den post on your blog

  20. I understand your doubts about Krishna. Krishna was a very charismatic leader, and charismatic leaders are often able to gain mass followings, followings that are often blinded by the charisma of their leaders and will make excuses for or just not see the bad behavior of their leaders. Was Krishna an avatar of Vishnu, born to remove evil from the world? Were the Kauravas and the Pandavas doomed? Or could Karna have mended the hostilities if someone had spoken up at Draupadi's Swayamvara as to his real lineage? Was Krishna acting on his own accord out of his own desires? We do know Krishna was a mischievous child, that he broke his promise to Radha of coming back to her, that he instead married thousands of other women, that he was so charismatic that he could influence others' actions, that he participated in one of the greatest wars in history, and that he was present when his clan killed each other in an intoxicated brawl. So, yes, I too question Krishna's motives and prefer following Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma in their non-avatar forms.

  21. I humbly request you to the original mahabharat, which will clarify your doubts, what you portrayed here is the distorted truths.

    pls refer the Sanskrit and original version, all your dilusions will be gone, may god bless you.

  22. I have gone through the blog recently. I shall just add that all is written in the Mahabharata. Who is who and what is what. But you have to read in between the lines. Krishna plays a game of favoritism as he cannot rule the minds of Kauravs but he tries always, he went to Duryodhan's savha to show his rupa. But that did not succeed. The pasha game was instigated by Yudhisthir and not by Duryodhona. Yudisthir make and call the bets not Duryodhona. Its on the saying of the elders Duryodhana again agreed to play and this time sent them to forest and not give kingdomback.That is his fault. From the birth Bhima ragged the brother of Duryodhona. After the war Yudisthira find his great brothers are in hell instead of heaven and Duryodhon is in heaven. Why so if the Pandavas do right? They killed the bhadh mother and her five sons to save themselves in the fire of Barnabat intentionally. What great person they are!! Karna fought not for his life and all the while great Krishna try to save the life of pandavas. But in Gita it says one must not care of his body. So Krisha do not do that what he preaches. If the Pandavas are so right then why Mahadev have to take up their sins. The kingdom belong to Bhisma and Karna , being the elder sons. But both reject it. Karna reject when Krishna offered him before the war to lure him in his side. Both Bhisma and Karna should not fight the war as other who want that, let them fight and die for that. This is the only mistake. Krishna forced the war as discussed previously in the blog. But a true Guru must stop the blood shed. He is a total failure. But put his evil deeds in the colour of Dharma. Thus he is the wicked politician. In the end our great lord cannot save the pandavas either. they lost their sons and all their sins had to be transferred to Shiva. Why so many sins when they are fighting the battle of Dharma. Why Shiva empower Aswatthama to kill the sons of pandavas. All is is Mahabrata. We have to read it with open mind and heart. The persons who are blaming Karna , they always insult him as suta putra but take all the benefit from him. Krishna cannot tell the world his true identity but expect him to join him in the war. They want kingdom that is bhoga. Karna give them what they want without expecting anything from them. He is simply great The true son of SUN. who gives every thing to the world but cares a little who give them back or not. Krishna if so powerful to destroy the kouravs and failed to own them. Later he have to take up falsehood to win it. The chariot of Yudistir touched the earth and Krishna cannot put it in the air as previously. In the end he died with an arrow in the foot and pandavas go to hell. All written in Mahabharata.

  23. Guys, Lords Krishna life is not only about Kurukshetra war. Mahabharata War is just one part of His life. It encompasses much more than that. Also remember that Lord Krishna's birth was foretold by Akashwani to suggest that Kamsa will be killed by Devaki's eight son. During his childhood days Lord Krishna lived in Vrindavan. He killed many demons who were sent by Kamsa to kill Him. He single handedly lifted Gowardhan Mountain to save villagers from incessant rains. He subdued enormous kaliya snake who poisoned waters of Yamuna river. Finally he also killed Kamsa when he was just a child. Before killing Kamsa he was challenged to fight with elephant and top wrestlers in Kamsa Army. He vanquished all of them. This all unimaginable feats achieved by Him even before He reached adulthood. What more evidence do we need to be sure about He being the Supreme Lord?
    When Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur with an intent to bring peace between kauravas and pandavas, He declined hospitality of Duryodhan. Instead ate simple food at Vidur's place. This incident is very similar to one from Ramayana where Lord Ram ate Shabri's tasted food (Both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are considered as incarnations of Lord Vishnu). Now think, how many political leaders or kings or for that matter even 'so called spiritual leaders' in current era would be kind enough to decline hospitality of rich people and instead eat in a hut of poor person?
    Although Bhishma, an intellectual and one of the greatest warrior in the history of India, was on the side of Kauravas, he had taken a vow not to kill pandavas. Why is that? Because he know that righteousness was with pandavas. Both Bhishma and Karna were disciples of Parashurama. Despite this, both their attitudes were grossly different. One although siding with kauravas had knowledge of what is dharma and another sided with kauravas just to return the favor of whatever he had gained materially and ignoring dharma altogether. Also note that Bhishma himself was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.
    Who has the confidence to say that I will not fight in the war with weapons? Only either a coward will say that or a Almighty. And, Lord Krishna was not a coward at all, as is evident. Keep aside the fact that He is also called as 'Ranchod'. But that is a different story and one must not arrive at any conclusion before studying it deeply.
    These are just few facts about life of Lord Krishna. There are many.

  24. The thing is that we are speaking from a bias attitude that Krishna is Supreme. Ok. Lets take it like that. But one must know that Truth is above all and above supreme too. Supreme is supreme as he holds on to truth. The moment is slipped it out of hand, HE is no more supreme. “Satyam , Shivam, Sundaram”. Here Satyam comes first. Shiva is Shiva as he holds on to truth. But unfortunately Krishna slipped it out of his hand. There after he creates blunders. His own brother did not support him in the war. Moreover he is supposed to give the kingdom back to the pandavas. But he snatched the kaurav’s kingdom too and won the war by any means.
    One thing more, the battle of Kurukshetra is very important for Krishna. If he loses the war his fame which he earned previously could be shattered. He have to win it by hooks or by crooks. So he exploited Karna and put all the blame on the Kauravs. But cannot declared to the world that Karna is their brother before the war. He also expects everybody will fell on his lotus feet for favoritism. The persons who will not are declared as demons.
    He cheated padyavas as well for his fame. In the end of the war, Yudisthir ask to give him all back his sons , relatives etc but he cannot. Yudisthir then realizes his mistake. He blames his mother not to disclose the name of Karna as his brother. Krisnha exploits both. He was a heartless shrewd person, and uses his power skills for his own benefits and not for kauravs and pandavas either.

  25. "When Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur with an intent to bring peace between kauravas and pandavas, He declined hospitality of Duryodhan. Instead ate simple food at Vidur's place". This is written in blog. Ok, here also see Krishna declined the hospitality of Duryodhan and expects that he will fell on his lotus feet. And Duryodhana become demon as he did not do that.
    The gesture of Krishna shows he cares a little for Duryadhona but expects him to work as per his saying. Is this diplomacy? He simply went to Duryodhan so that he can put the total blame of the war on him. Just before the war, Bhima said lets not fight and the Krishna taunted him, saying Bhima has he become coward not to fight. Because Krishna wants the war for his name or as told to usher kaliyuga, but put the blame on Kauravas.

  26. Krishna always wanted to show they are so good. They beg five villages which were turned down. So he can show how low the kaurav’s are. But in reality Pandavs are too greedy and Yudisthir always want to be an emperor. After the war when he realizes that Karna was his brother he said, together with Arjun and Karna I can won Indra also.
    Why Krishna ask for 5 villages? The kings who fell for them could easily gave them many such villages. Krishna could give them a part of Dwarka to rule. The people who are thrown out of their land during partition ( 1947) did not go back to fight back to get their land. Instead they struggle to have their feet in the new land. But Krishna had no such ideas, He basically wanted the war and this is his chance. Krishna as an avatar could easily access the amount of destruction the war could cause. Like our present leaders who dare not to play with A- bomb. They seem to be more concern than Krishna. When pandavas could be happy with 5 villages they could easily get that from the loyal kings of their side and Krishna could avert the war which destroy India at that time as said.
    Krishna had to show and pretend he is so good and great other wise he will not be consider as Lord in the future. So he is hankering after name and fame to be Lord of India and put all the blame on Kauravs.
    Good abd bad coexists in the society. If present Goverment want to kill all the bad people imagine how it will go? But Krishna tried to do that by saying all the kauravs are demons in their previous birth. Remember Duryadhon never conquer any kingdom other than not given back the kingdom of pandavas.

  27. Lets go to the fact now. If you go through the real Sanskrit Mahabhrata you will find Pandavas come to Dhritarastra ie. Hastinapur when their ages were of 12 and above years to stay with the Kauravs. Before that, they were unknown to the Kauravs and wandering here and there with mother Kunti. Its very difficult for Duryadhona to accept the Pandavas and Yudisthir who will become the ruler as he is elder than Duryadhona. Over that, their birth is also questioned as they did not have the blood of Pandu. So it was very difficult for Duryadhana to accept this. More over from the childhood Bhima started bullying with his brother and some are merciless tortures. So he had decided to finish Bhima. Later Dhritarastra provide them a land where Yudisthir built Indraprastha. Yudisthir has a weakness to play game of disc which is declared in Mahabhrata. Now playing dice and putting bet was his choice. He called all the bets and lost them. It is technically written that Sukni cheated him but how it is not anywhere written. I think it is supposed to play in between Duryondhana and Yudistir and not between Sukni and Yudisthir. Sukni was a far better player and lose of Yudisthir was imminent. More over Yudisthir agreed that Sukni will play on behalf of Duyodhana. So he cannot blame now. After losing every thing Dritarasta give them all back. Then only he was again put to play and lost again to go to the woods. When he get back all, which he loses for the second time, Yudisthir could have flatly refused to play again. But his ego does not allow that. The blame fell on Kauravs. After that all the things happen. What is supposed to be a problem between a family and its indeed a family feud was given a gigantic mileage by Krishna involving all the kings of India. So whole India become separated on the issue in two sides. My question is that, was it very necessary thing to do considering the impact it would cause? More over why Krishna be the Lord, how could have conducted the war indirectly and in such a manner to destroy India. He must restrain both sides. His brother did not participate. More over Balaram was the Guru of Duryadhona. If Duryadhan was so bad why at all Balaram accept him as his disciple? If Pandavas are good then they must do accordingly . Instead of going to the forest and fighting a war, Pandavas could easily have 5 villages from their loyal kings and build a kingdom there. Krishna could have given them a part of Dwarka to rule. But they went for war. Why? In our life we all lose some or more. The partition (1947) robbed millions of their land but they did not go to fight back.

    If Duryadhan could not accept Yudisthir and same thing goes for the Pandavas as well. They did not accept Karna. Kunti did not try to recognize him. More over our great Lord too knowing all did not accept him, telling that he was a demon previously, but took all the advantages from him to win the war. Again see, Krishna could not accept Karna but He expects Duryadhan to accept Yudhisthir. To clear himself Krishna call Karna in private to participate from his side. This was again done so that he could put all the blame on Karna. But He did not declare to the world about Karna's true identity which would have stopped the war. When that did not happen Krishna put all the blame on Duryadhan and his supporters.
    If our lord was so true to stop the war as he pretends so, and for that he went to Duryadhan's sabha, he could have simply declare the identity of Karna. So see how shrewd he was to put the blame on others.

  28. First off- the "story" is part of the "mahabharata" written by multiple people over an epoch of time (it seems). the Gita, is a small part of it, the song by Krishna to Arjun.
    second, the point if taken backwards is- that when the fight is of righteousness, 'the ends justify the means'.

  29. Righteousness of what? To glorify the "yes" men and degraded the people who are against you, knowing fully that the kingdom will be given to Karna if pandavas know his identity. So to hide the truth and do rightness?! May be this was Krishna's dharma! And doing all this by taking and asking favour of Karna!! That' s great!

  30. Arul Jothi. Excellent. I don't want to hurt the sentimemts of people but truth is always never told. I feel the learning lessons is that evem GOD KRISHNA is a moraly weak person. Remember how he gives Subadhra and draupadi to Arjuna. What about Ek Lavya. Guys, if we had ramas and krishnas in this world. You and I would not even have a chance of expressing good or bad against them.

  31. The more you get into the details of Mahabharata, the more you will get confused as it is an absolutely meaningless drama. Even Mahabharata book as told by everyone carries a very high negative energy and not supposed to be in your house. Instead please focus on "I AM" reality and the basic fact that "World is nothing but the Dream in your Consciousness". You will get a lot of positively energy as the focus is on "I AM". Nisargadatta Maharaj became enlightened only by focusing on the same. Read the book ... "I AM that" and you will know what I am talking about.

    1. Dear Girish, you have get the quintessence of truth. Yes, what you wrote is absolutely true. But any spiritual development can be achieved by 'thyag" , ie detachment. God bless you. That is dharma. Dharma is not about killing people who are evil or like Krishna- leveling people evil and kill them.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. One thing I failed to mention earlier. Karna was the greatest villain. Ok. let that be. Before the war Krishna approached Karna and offered him the kingdom of India. He lured him by saying Pandavas would adore him and Draopadi would serve him. But Karna rejected it. When Karna met his fate in his last day of battle he asked Arjuna to stop as he would have to pick up the wheel of the chariot. Then Krishna intervene and said Karna ridiculed Draupadi , did this and that against Pandavas. So he does not deserve any forbearance. Thus we can all see the double face of Krishna. Karna become wretched man as he refused to dance in Krishna’s tune and become his “yes” man. If he did that, he would have become the emperor of India. Then there would be no fault in him.
    When Krishna like character becomes the Lord of one country, then morality of that country is bound to come down as it is of today.

  34. If you think that Krishna was a villain then you are wrong.he never ever supported ADHARMA either it is done by Karna or somebody else. Karna is was a very brave but he supported the evil every time thats why he got punished and remember one thing that if Lord Krishna releases his SUDARSHANA CHAKRA then nobody in this world can save anybody except krishna himself so there was nothing very important about the armour and earrings because all the DEVTAS worship lord VISHNU.Krishna has done all the things in systematic manner .If you read BHAGVAD GITA then you'll find that god never interfere in any actions that are performed by us thats why he only guided the Arjuna.Krishna also visited to Duryodhana palace to compromise the issue but Duryodhyana in revert asked their soldiers to catch the LORD KRISHNA.Then he showed his chaturbhuja roop.In mahabharata krishna also gave his Narayani Sena to Duryodhana.

    1. Please clarify what is "evil" . Then say why it is been created at all by the creator. . Then say who is Krishna to judge who is evil when he always play under the veil of false hood. Who said Krishna only guided Arjuna. He instigate Pandavas for the war which is a karma. Karma not only done by hand , all out thought are also karmas. Krishna said Kauravs are evil so they are evil. ?? What to all those evils commited by Pandavas like killing Badh ( hunter ) family in the fire of Baranabat. Kunti's not recognizing Karna is another evil act. And who said Krishna is the Lord except some of his followers who get benefit from him doing all evil things through out their lives.

  35. Krishna was a brilliant strategist and yogi. Normally when avatars take place, they behave as human and not as gods, otherwise the concept of avatar is required. During the avatar period, the behavior is that of a mortal. Please read Mahabharata along with the understanding of the concept of Avator and then everything will be clear

    1. The point is that you are 100% right. But if an avatar behaves like a mortal how you can accept him.?? He have to behave otherwise. Like Jesus, who beg for forgiveness for those who kill them as All Mighty is in them too. He said 'every one has to bear his her own cross'. This is the behavior that is accepted to take Krishna as Lord. which he fails. His brother Balaram did not participate directly or indirectly. I find no justification of killing the kauravs in that manner. The evil does not exist with their killing but Krishna become devil to me.

  36. Dear Debashis, the Almighty, Know everything Superhuman who can be termed as God himself.
    It seems that you are quite biased to from arguments. mahabharat is an epic conceived thousands of years ago, also written thousands of years later...that is too thousands of years ago.So Debashis of today will have to really study a lot to understand the greatest of all epics in the world.
    First better try this life to atleast read and understand Shakespeare and Tagore which you will fail very badly. You need not try to understand Shakespeare or Tagore as that might be too large a worldly task for you considering Shakespeare to be the essence of the Victorian era of England and Tagore the essence of more than 500 years of golden History of bengal. Just complete barely reading their complete works. after that you have to understand the society of that period. the beliefs. etc. People after studying in depth Shakespear and Tagore says that they know nothing about them yet.....

    then there are Homer and other Greek epics. They are out of your worldly reach. and you are commenting on Mahabharata which is considered greatest of all epics of the world. You know nothing of the society, culture , customs of that times. It is also clear from your comments that you not read any of the books in original. Just stories of mahabharata from third party authors or TV serial. The oldest religions of the world that originated in India has so much democracy in it that it allows anyone to try to understand and question anyone even Godly characters and saints and God himself. But that does not mean that based on third party stories you can do so. Start reading bro. You need not accept that Krishna was God. But do not take for granted that Krishna was a demon. Try and understand who He was but unbiased. Not presume anything before even understanding.
    Like all other major religions of the world, which allows death penalty for anyone who even tries to thinks against God or their messengers, here you can do that. but dont misuse that so cheaply.
    First understand what is Dharma. what is actually is or is tried to be portrayed in the scriptures of ancient India. The religions of India have been ridiculed since centuries because people like you ignorantly portrayed pictures .
    Read the lecture of Swami Vivekananda at the Chicagos Congress of worlds religions. There learned representatives and great scholars of all of the greatest religions of the world were present. They were awe struck with that lecture and Swami Vivekananda became most well responded and well attended lecturer there. religions is not supreme in this world but there are lesser evil and greater evil. and religion had a role in dealing with them. you want God to take part and do magic for you entertainment. But if that would be the case then God would have created only Good and not Evil. You need to face poverty to enjoy luxury. anyways you wont understand such complex concepts. its going tan off your head. Get the blessings of yours Gods, Debashis....that what your name signifies. anyways enjoy your beliefs and dont comment ignorantly.
    Yours friend............indroneel

    1. Dear Dear , do not go for personal attack to justify Krishna. How can you say so much of Krishna? Have you met him? If so then I can accept you like Ramkrishna Paramhansa. I am a Bengali and gone thru all the works of Tagore. Vivekananda, Shakespeare. I have gone thru the text of Mahabhatrat. I served my Guru all my life. Go through the original Sanskrit Mahabharata and get not biased like me as you think. I agrue on the point of what all written. and not by film soaps. To understand Mahabharata you have to go thru texts like Kalika puran, Gita itself, knew about Aditaya tatha, etc all. Mahabharata is called the Pancham veda. I presume you read all four Vedas. Krishna and Arjun are two rishis called Nara Narayan. They born as Krishan and Arjuna, as per writing goes. Now they have become avatars.

  37. Dear Indroneel,
    One thing I must not write but cant help writing. Forgive me. You are behaving like your Lord. Any thing that is against him, finish it up on the justification of Dharma. Dharma means in bengali "Ja dharan kore".- which holds everything from worst to best. As per Aditya tatta, Lord manifests as all. Thus Jesus beg to Lord to forgive all those, who were killing him. As Lord is in them too.

  38. ............”they were awe struck with that lecture and Swami Vivekananda became most well responded and well attended lecturer there. religions is not supreme in this world but there are lesser evil and greater evil. and religion had a role in dealing with them. you want God to take part and do magic for you entertainment. But if that would be the case then God would have created only Good and not Evil. You need to face poverty to enjoy luxury. anyways you wont understand such complex concepts. its going tan off your head.”.....
    Dear Indroneel,
    Unfortunately your Lord forgot all these things in the Mahabharata. He forgot that all the miseries bestowed on the Pandavas were provided by the ‘Supreme” A remark slipped from his mouth “ Do fate never let the Pandavas go”. He started behaving like a common man and started blaming Kauravs for that. He created magic by covering the face of Sun and help in killing of Jayadhrata. He forget that he earlier promised not to participate in the war and went to kill Bhisma with his cane .
    He tries every means to give the Pandavas the luxury ie Kingdom.

    Pl go through all that I have written in this blog and correct me.

  39. Most people feel that Mahabharat teaches about Dharma. Many people even connect Mahabharat with truth and lies. However, in Mahabharat there is not even one instance where truth or lies is defined. Ever action of people in Mahabharat depends on the situation they are in.

  40. The real hero of Mahabharata is definitely Karna. Even Krishna accepted this and told Arjun that Karna was better a warrior than him. No doubt, Karna was truly a hero!

  41. There are more than 1 villian in this epic
    1st and foremost SATYAVATI who got stubborn because of her insecurity about (FUTURE- which can change anytime in few cases as we all know what happened to her kids later- I m sure she herself repented that later - but was too late)

    Another villian BHISHM himself he promised to never get married and always be a sevak of hastinapur (without considering -long term the effects of his decision ) he might as well have said or could promised that “till the time satyati herself didnt approve of bheeshms kids to be fit for throne they wont be or ….any other more sensible promise” & not just to win approval of his father or focusing on short term fathers happiness - of course he meant well I agree and a great act but that great act could have been minor good act rather than extreme choice of aajeevan (lifelong)
    no marriage and all that unnecessary commitments( even if that we let go or subtract read further)

    Bheeshm He was not supposed to get a girl FOR dhritrashtra showing off or intimidating other king (gandhaar raaja ) through his power .(that too was politics kind of bullying to get things his way)
    satyavatis another mistake (out of the strings of mistakes) she left (retired) before time to escape and for HER peace before time
    Another Villian according to me is the person who wanted to be a hero for his sister gaandhari was SHAKUNI had he used his genius in the right manner and not to influence the child for his revengeful intentions (growing up duryodhan) the way he did along with him dhritrshtra himself was tooo greedily ambitious for the throne for selfish purpose rather than being ambitious for it for great service (another influence on duryodhans formative years).
    The villian was stupid YUDHISHTIR what was the need of him being overconfident and Not only he took himself in the trap but others also suffered greatly. If he was sooo wise sensible as he is potrayed he could have heeded his past experience with Kauravas (including duryodhan trying to poison bheem incidence) .There was no need for him to accept invitation from kauravs (note he was advised by most people around him including vidhur not to accept the invitation) when he knew

    1. continued..
      them sooo well that too with proof .

      Even when they were entering the place they had the hunch something greatly wrong now why would you ignore such important hunch (unless your temptation Ego Is too high with overconfidence)
      Even if he played (yudhishtir ) there is always a free will was just a game he didn’t have to go on with it 1 game 2nd game 3rd game ..what was all that ..he wasn’t at a gun point he was THE SAMRAAT he could have used that power to but not he had to be oversmart and prove something

      Krishna ? Villian ??? No sorry Don’t agree He didn’t provoke anything in its initial stage to occur He came in their Lives when needed and as a guide a friend, a family member ,He did as much he could or he understood good enough (his capacity to be judged by us ?? I don’t think so – To judge someone we have to know at least better than him – including the capacity to understand we have to have same level or better understanding than that person –Even if few humans among us believe he wasn’t god that much we can agree on )

      I do not really feel karna had MAJOR part in developing all this he was pulled in this story //situation just because of his need of fame & respect had reached to desperation level completely frustrated due to feeling rejected and dejected and devalued consistently( –for whatever reasons ) that weak point was used by duryodhan and he enslaved him and because he gave his word to duryodhan he fulfilled his given commitment of being on duryodhans side- he sold his soul already to duryodhan- the loyalty misdirected . and some or the other way the people whom we stay long with we become like them (human beings tendency ) by the time situation occurred it was not him (karna) that was operating through him it was now duryodhan and the misdirected loyalty towards him that spoke through him ..

      Pheww!!! This was long  My point of view though

  42. Even though Krishna is a god but he is full of deceit and if a god does this, it is very sad.
    He was very partial in his Dharma and always supported only his people Pandavas and in the process killed many innocent people like Barbareek, of course bad guys as well. Pandavas had 0 % chance winning against mighty Kauravas. Krishna paid his sins with an arrow shot by a hunter. Was it Karna's mistake to have joined Kauravas, where was krishna when he was humiliated in the arena as low caste person. I hate Arjun for his arrogance and without Krihsna's deceit he's nothing.

    Krishna - Success ke liye kuch bhi OK, Har Har Mahadev only straight forward -no deceit.

  43. mahabaratha is all about life. krishna wanted to say that even if u r very gud person if u are supporting a bad person you are considered bad and you wil get the punishment for that. according to vedas Māhāpātakisaṁsarga is considered a great sin it means having association with a sinful person is also a sin since he was associated with duriodana he is considered sinful in fact krishna tried to help karna by asking him to leave bad associations coz he did not accept to leave bad associations he had to face the consequences.


  44. 18 siddhars like 18 adhayas and 18 days war of mahabharata , was mahabharata was a pre planned mahabharata , then why mishappenings and insults took placed and peoples became bad and of bad character

  45. (my views , which i found some what truth )my views may or may not be acceptable truth.

    Many ramayanas are there , like valmiki ,vashist ,kamb, ramanujan ,ramayanaa are few of many other versons of ramayana ,
    what is the meaning of ramayana found ,-- ramayana = ram +ayan ( ayan meaning came ) ,

    according to some stories ahyilyia was cursed by gotham rishi , Ahalya was converted to stone ,As for Ahalya, Gautama granted her the boon that she would be brought back to human form by the touch of the feet of Lord Rama .
    so rama avatar would had been made (incarnated) ,thus how many ramas would had been created ,

    would gotham rishi would be knowing about rama avatar ?

    like ramayana so many ahilya versons are there ,( like in a verson , ganga tells to gautam , it is mid night not the bath time go to home and see some thing would have been wrong ) .

    how many Ahilyas storeies would had been made and how many gautams would had been made and how many ahilyas lifes would had been spoiled ,how many indras would had been made and how many girls/boys souls would had been made to sit in hen or cock and make sound (cock crow) .thus how many would had been made culprits ,sinners ,bad brains ,bad habituals of bad acts and bad karma .
    and those cuilprits , sinners are/would had been made to quarrel and killed in the wars of ramanyana .?

    mahabharta , would had took placed for the revenges and the cruelties happened on ladies ( like savarupnakha ,sita ) . to show the cruelities ,gamblings were played and sarees were made to removed

    mahabharata would had been happened for revenges of ramayana and ramayana would had been happened for ahiylia and what would be reason behind ahiliyia insult was conspirancies or any ones evil idea .

    like ramayana many versons of vishvamitra would be there .

    really how many would had been real culptits and how many would had been created and how many would had been victims of vengences and eneyminities and how many peoples souls would had been killed

    killed peoples would had been given births to different parents , differnt mothers ,different fathers , and thus differnt marrages would had taken places in past birth some ones mothers would had been wife of some another person .and some wrong and illigal methods and would had been used like rapes for the birth and for enemities and revenges .
    thus quarrels would had been on increasing ,and peoples and souls became culprits and victims .

    ( peoples which had to make lifes good and better , used the criminals ,and wrong ideas and methods for spoiling and destroying the lifes )

    More than 99 % of peoples, gods ,souls had been inocents ,had not been victims . if polatictics , conspirancies , crimanilites ,some wrong traditions and some wrong rules of few from the ancient times would had not been made.

    the crores and crores of peoples are being killed ,destryoed in such a way no one can find out , and given different shapes and made to bad brains and minds are made from single soul to multy humans soul creatures to never become humans and buried alive under earth and even killed into stomaches and made to toilets and throughn into hells like toilets

    for examples of very few , link given below----copy & paste--

    1/ list=UURxRikkS_B1mWxYWrujrdnw&spfreload=10

    2/ kS_B1mWxYWrujrdnw&spfreload=10

  46. Hi Aruljothi,
    I think you have got some facts wrong, 1. Krishna did not send Indra to take away Karn's armour. Indra was Arjun's father and went on his own volition to Karn. 2. When Krishna sank Arjun's chariot Karn was not using Brahmastra, Takshak's son a serpent was mounted on Karn's arrow.
    I have written about several dilemmas in Mahabharat on my blog. I hope it is ok to post the link here rather than write it all over again.

  47. I think, youdon't know about the krishna's role completely.Even krishna offered 5 villages proposal before the war but Dhuryodhana did not agree for that. May be Karna is heroic character but don't comment on Krishna with false allegations.

  48. Nice expression.... but what I want to add is that the Mahabharata is such a story where no one is the Hero....or everyone is....likewise is in the case of Villains. In popular belief,the Pandavas & Krishna are said to be the good ones and the Kauravas to be the Evil ones,but have you ever thought why we should not consider the Kauravas the good ones? Because if the Kauravas had cheated in the dice game,the Pandavas had done the same in the Kurukshetra. If the Kauravas enjoyed the stripping of Draupadi,so did Krishna as a lad when he had hidden away the clothes of bathing women. It was Krishna who prevented the marriage of Karna and Draupadi in the first place though Karna had success in Draupadi's Swayamvar. It was the Pandavas who did not act according to their minds and just let themselves be controlled by the scheming Krishna,egoistic Drona or their selfish mother Kunti. So,why not see the Kauravas as the Heroes?? Why not see Karna or Ekalavya as the protagonistss?? Counter arguements are happily welcomed...!!

  49. Krishna was and is god to those who got and get help from him and enemy to those who could receive no help from him.

  50. Krishna's dharma to the world is not of compassion, justice or forbearance. His brother Balaram did not participated in the war and showed eye for an eye approach cannot be dharma. But Krishna carried out the war and take the chance of putting the whole blame on Duryadhana as the Kaurav's did not listened to him. He made it a justice for his mission of killing the so called adharmiks.And he himself suppress the fact that Karna was Kunti's son so that he could gave the power to rule to his camp followers. In the process he took to lies and betrayal to achieve it for the Pandavas. His dharma of revenge is the dharma he showed to the mankind. He literally helped the Pandavas to take their revenges on whom they had promised to take and showed tolerance is not Krishna's dharma.
    Now Krishna is portrayed as a God of love and sympathy!

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  52. our ancestors roamed naked, why don't we do that now? Mahabharata was perfect for its time, we cannot compare it with current world. And In Mahabharata there is nothing called wrong or right, decisions are taken as per the situation, like we do now.

  53. When there is no wrong or right in the Mahabharata then why Kauravas were made a scapegoat??!! Why they were portrayed as wrong doer?? More over many rishis including Balaram told Krishna that what he was doing was not right. Some goes to the extent of giving curse to Krishna. So the acts of Krishna was not taken as right by that time Rishis including Balaram who were a part of that time period.

  54. Requesting u to read the great epic once again... U have not read it properly

    1. Show us what is proper with logic, fact. Please pick up the lines from our great text as reference. But keep in mind we are here only discussing about Krishna and Karna only.

  55. I dont think Krishna is the villian of Mahabharat.

    As u said, Arjun on advice if Krishna killed Karna. Krishna did so because Karna had to get a punishment for what he did in his previous birth. Read the story of Nara and Narayan. Karna was a devil in his previous life. He had got a boon of 1000 kavach from the sun god. He misused it. He started to kill people.Nara and Narayan broke his 999 kavach and just 1 was left. So the devil took help of Sun God and went to his abode. When Nara and Narayan asked the Sun God to give them the devil, he refused. At that time treta yug was getting over and so he was Nar and Narayan said that he will pay for his sins in his next life. so the devil in his next life was born as Karna from the Sun god with the kavach which was left. It is clearly mentioned in Mahabharar and Bhagwar Gita that Arjun and Krishna are Nara and Narayan. and si Karna had to be killed by Arjun (Nara).

    Now the reason why Krishna did not stop the war.
    one reason is that the dwapara yug was about to end and kaliyug was ti start. so all the devils had to be killed for a fresh star;( as in above comments)....
    The second reason is that Gauri (dharti mata) gives us milk; here milk means the nature, the land and the food from plants. Gauri has another avatar know as kaali; which takes the money for the milk in the form of blood.. ( you must have heard about sacrifices if life ( bali ) given to kaali)... So, gauri tells krishna that the warriors are misusing their powers and are causing bad to Gauri. So krishna on the advice of Dharti mata (gauri) leads to the war.. He does so to help dharti mata get rid of her pain..

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  57. Insted it was Krishna himself who killed all those people. See the story

    Barbarika was a grandson ofBhima and the son of Ghatotkacha.The gods (ashtadeva) gave himthe three infallible arrows. When Barbarika learnt that battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas had become inevitable, he wanted to witness what was to be the Mahābhārata War. He promised his mother that if he felt the urge to participatein the battle, he would join the side which would be losing. He rode to the field on his Blue Horse equipped with his three arrows and bow.Before theMahabharatawar began, LordKrishnaasked all the Pandavas how many days he would take to finish Mahabharata war alone.Bhishmaanswered that he would take 20 days to finish the war.Dronacharyareplied that it would take him26 days. WhenKarnawas asked, he said he would take 27 days.Arjunatold Krishna it would take 28 day for him to complete the battle by himself. In this manner, Lord Krishna asked each warrior and received an answer.Krishna disguised as a Brahmin stopped Barbarika to examine his strength. When asked how many days he would take to finish the war alone, Barbarika answered that he could finish it in one minute. Krishna baited Barbarika by mocking him for going to the great battle with only three arrows. On this, Barbarika replied that a single arrow was enough to destroy all his opponents in the war, and it would then return to his quiver. He stated that, the firstarrow is used to mark all the things that he wants to destroy. If he uses the second arrow, then the second arrow will mark all the things that he wants to save. On using the third arrow, it will destroy all the things that are not marked and then return to his quiver. Krishnaexplained to him that before a battle, the head of the bravest Kshatriya needs to be sacrificed, in order to worship/sanctify the battlefield. Krishna said that he considered Barbarika to be the bravest among Kshatriyas, and was hence asking for his head in charity. In fulfilment of his promise,and in compliance with the Krishna's command, Barbarika gave his head to him in charity. Barbarika was a Yaksha in his previous birth. Lord Brahma cursed this Yaksha that whenever the time comes to eliminate all the evil forces on Earth, then Lord Vishnu will first kill him. Later, the Yaksha takes birth as Barbarika and Lord Krishna seeks his head in charity as a resultof this curse.

    Before decapitating himself, Barbarika toldKrishna of his great desire to view the forthcoming battle and requested him to facilitate the same. Krishna agreed and placed the head on top of a hill overlookingthe battlefield. From the hill, the head of Barbarika watched the entire battle.At the end of the battle, the victorious Pandava brothers argued amongst themselves as to who was responsible for their victory. Krishna suggested that Barbarika's head, which had watched the whole battle should be allowed to judge. Barbarika's head suggested that it was Krishna alone who was responsible for the victory. Barbarika replies, “All I could see were two things. One, a divine chakra spinning all around the battle field, killing all those who were not on the side of Dharma. The other was Goddess Mahakali,who spread out her tongue on the battle field and consumed all the sinners as her sacrifice". Listening to this, Pandavas realise that it was Lord Narayan and Goddess Mahamaya who actually cleaned up the world from Adharma, and the Pandavas were mere instruments.

  58. So Krishna was killing the people ie the adharmiks in guise of war. But what is Dharma? Concealing birth of Karna because if the truth comes out then Karna would have become the king and portraying the enemies as they were asuras and yakhas in previous births to justify oneself – is the real dharma! So what Krishna was doing, his every actions were all dhramas and anything against Krishna and Pandavas were adharmas! Great!
    So Krishna shun the path of Bahujana sukhaya bahujana hitaya cha, (translates to "for the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many") is a dictum or aphorism enunciated in the Rigveda in Sanskrit.
    Hinduism defines five basic traditional philosophical concepts and the fifth concept enjoined to be followed is the concept of "welfare of the many, the happiness of the many".

    Thus tears were, that all left for both the camps with no one living, making Yudhishthira to realise his mistake. He requested Krishna to bring back all, which was not possible for Krishna and then he cursed his mother for concealing the birth of Karna. So in the end Yudhishthira realised what was Dharma. And for the sake of remembrance, all the shots in the dice game was called by Yudhishthira and not by Duryodhana.

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  60. So that was why Balaram and other Rishis of that time were angry with Krishna and the way he conducted his game or actions

  61. And Indra didint give Karna Bhrahmastra... he gave him Shakti....

  62. Read all these sites below( including comments):

  63. Check thid one

  64. When Draupadi was abused (which is wrong in every respect) she could not control her anger, ( though Krishna told her the reason). She kept her hair loose for vengeance. When Sisupala foulmouthed Krishna, even Krishna (The keeper of Dharma) could not restrain himself and killed Sisupala instead. But of the six mental Ripus, anger is vital and important. Controlling anger is a major exercise in Dharma. But look at Karna, the son of Sun, abused whole life but did not gave back. Abused in the Swambar of Draupadi but let go her four husbands lives in the battle of Kurukshetra. What would had happened to Draupadi’s hair if Karna killed all the Pandavas except Arguna!! See his greatness. A self-made man with all the curses, but still stood tall in the battle ground fighting for the Kauravas to pay back Duryadhana by his life. So now tell me what is Dharma? And who is Dharmik? Krishna of Karna. Krishna killed him unarmed and Karna let go all four Pandavas. All the promises of Pandavas would had gone unkept if Karna did not kept his promise to his mother. But his mother took all the advantages but kept the secret with her. Karna still did not get angry with anybody. He did not curse anybody but sacrifices himself to the destiny. So tell me who was Dharmik?? What is Dharma? Killing a noble soul for personal gains (kingdom), for personal grudges, depriving him of everything and abusing him all his life and in the end taking his grace to kill him in a mischievous way! What an example Krishna had set. So this was Krishna’s Dharma.
    So it was no wonder that Yudhishthira found his brothers and Draupadi in Hell as mentioned in Mahabharata.
    The two Krishna s were same. Take the childhood of Krishna rationally. A womaniser from adolescence, that to with elder married ladies of the village. And imagine not with one lady but with a huge number of them! Having magical powers and using them to achieve name frame and leadership in the village. A mischief-maker. So a sense of shrewdness was inbuilt in him from childhood. The devotees tried to put them under carpet stating those as Devine Lilas. So the childhood activities were not as innocent as seemed from above. And you can imagine if these were his activities then what kind of Dharmatya he was? He stole all the clothes of gopies and enjoying it. But when Kauravas tried to do the same they became villain. That too Kaurvas did as to inflict retribution for the humiliation in Draupadi’s Swambar. He killed Putana as a child. Accepting it was right but it showed a killing instinct was already embedded in his instincts. It was said that Gauri (Mother Earth) want a cleaning up from the powers of abusive kings, then Krishna misused his powers more.

  65. Real hero of mahabharata is Ashwathamman, who was not even given any chance. Duryodhana had done three mistakes, one not building the fort, second, not making vidura as strategist and third was not making ashwathamman the commander as he was invincible.

  66. Real hero of mahabharata is Ashwathamman, who was not even given any chance. Duryodhana had done three mistakes, one not building the fort, second, not making vidura as strategist and third was not making ashwathamman the commander as he was invincible.

    1. Can you please explain how Vidura could be a better strategist?

  67. krishna killed sisupala not because of his anger but because he was to be killed by Narayan (krishna). Have u read about Jay and Vijay? They are vaikunt's dwarpalak. They were cursed that they will have to take birth in bhu lok 3 times and that they would be killed by NARAYAN in his avatars. The firsr time they were Hirankyaksha ans Hiranyakashyapu. the next they were Raavan and Kumbhkaran. And the third time were SHISHUPAL and Dantavakra.

    Si now u know that Krishna didnt kill him in anger. It was to happen. Anger was just shown as a reason.

  68. And all the people and were already killed by Krishna. Read the BHAGWAT GITA u will understand. Arjun saw that all of the solders and maharathis including Bhisma, Drona and even Karba were eaten by krishna's vishwaroop. All of them were just an instrunemt ti show that they were killed by Arjun and so on..

  69. Some nice comments on Pandavas here, thanks for sharing. One cannot stop thinking about Draupadi while discussing Mahabharata or Pandavas. She is considered to be 'Kula Devata' and/ or 'Grama Devatha' by many people.

    In fact, there are many shrines for Goddess Draupadi, spread in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. One of the shrines, where She is a Grama-Devatha and Kula-Devatha to many, is located in one of the small villages of Tamil Nadu.

    If you got time, patience and willingness to know about 'Draupadi', you can visit my blog and comment.

    The village is named KONDAL, Mayiladuthurai Taluk, Nagapattinam District, Nidur P.O, Tamil Nadu.


    Draupadi Amman Thunai - May you all be BLESSED by HER grace!!

  70. Karna is real villain,adharmi and very bad person.He didnt had presence of mind also,He was very cruel.He was jealous of pandvas.He was involved in each adharmi activity.I f will tell you his reality then you will never ever say karna was hero.He was person with no wisdom.

  71. And Pandavas were not cruel? They were not jealous of Karna? Their honesty had made them hide the truth?

  72. Siddhant, we all read Mahabharata and Gita. In the second chapter of Gita, Arjuna asked about Sthita Prajna ta to Krishna, which he explained. In Gita Krishna declared himself as God. But Kauravas did not buy those ideas. After Karna's killing, Krishna started dancing on the chariot to show his Sthita Prajna ta! He could not control his expression of joy. Stories were always cooked up to justify Krishna's action. He was so in that birth so Krishna did that etc. Krishna was very very best in his blame games which he had played through out Mahabharata.

  73. Had never heard that Krishna danced on Karna's death

  74. Sorry for that. Krishna danced after Karna lost his sakti by killing Ghatotkacha, which put Pandavas to shame. I am not justifying my mistake, but it means now Arjuna could kill him without getting killed. So killing of Karna bought much pleasure to Krishna and he could not check that, proving his Sthita Prajna ta!

  75. Any one, specially with magical powers can claim themselves as God. But their actions must justify that.

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  77. "And all the people and were already killed by Krishna. Read the BHAGWAT GITA u will understand. Arjun saw that all of the solders and maharathis including Bhisma, Drona and even Karba were eaten by krishna's vishwaroop. All of them were just an instrunemt ti show that they were killed by Arjun and so on."......

    Here I will quote one Mahatma. He said 'Krishna showed all these to Arjuna to assure him of his victory. But he never showed Avimanyu and Gotatkach's death to Arjuna. If Krishna did that, Arjuna would never picked up his bow.

    How truthful was Krishna to his men!! And in the end both sides lost everything and Krishna earned his name and frame at the cost of these huge mess.

  78. good sense like a child one.Need to be mature more.

    1. Eager to know what the more mature view would be?

  79. Adding to my previous comment- someone pointed out that Lord Krishna gave Narayani Sena (essentially his own Army) to Duryodhan. This indicates that He never officially chose any side in the final battle. In essence He was perhaps the only one playing from both sides.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Very good point. That proves the intension of Krishna for the war. He wanted the war and put the blame on Kauravas for framing them. And how many soldiers of the Pandav side were killed by Narayani Sena? No records. Arjun had to fight them. Narayani soldiers were the elite soldiers like commandos of these days. They were special troops. So cunning Krishna was playing from both sides.

  82. You are thinking with a material mind of Krishna, who let the kauravas take all wealth and pleasures.

    Still Sanjay said at the end of Bhagvad-Gita:

    Wherever there is Krishna, the master of all mysticism, and wherever there is Arjuna,the Supreme archer, there is always opulence, victory, extraordinary power and morality. That is my opinion.

    So, inspite on being with the Kauravas, Sanjay was able to say such lines because he knew that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Godhead. He was actually enjoying his pastimes during the whole epic, imparting several lessons under the plot.

    After being trained by the great god incarnation Parshurama, Karna became one of the finest warriors of our ancient history. But still there was one flaw, he was driven by his zest of being the most superior being on earth. When he decided to come back to Hastinapura and face Arjuna in the showcase of valor tournament, he proclaimed himself to be the greatest warrior on this earth(Maybe he was the greatest warrior on earth at that point of time, but his proclamation of that in the public made him nothing more than an arrogant aspirant warrior). Once he alleged his life to Duryodhan it was pretty evident that his end is now a matter of time.

    Krishna knew that Karna cannot be stopped as long as his Vijaya bow is his in his hand. Hence he implemented the curse of Parshurama, Bhoomi devi and the Brahamana all at once. Karna's chariot got stuck in the mud. Out of desperation he requested Shalya his charioteer to get the wheel out the mud, but when Shalya refused saying that he is king and is unfit for these tasks, Karna took upon himself the burden of freeing his chariot. The valiant warrior dropped down his bow and arrow, jumped from his high chariot and touched the ground with his full intensity. He started removing the wheels of his chariot from the mud but destiny had other plans and all his strengths started to nullify.
    Lord Krishna knew that this is the only moment when Arjuna would be able to defeat Karna and hence ordered his disciple to launch Anjalika astra. Arjuna though unsure, followed his lord's command since he was aware of the full existence of Krishna and believed Krishna's word to be the ultimate truth.

    And Karna was afterall elevated to Vaikuntha, which can be the best reward for one's life.

    1. Thank you. Happy to learn you that you know what was going on there. But did Karna wanted Vaikuntha or wanted to be unified with his father? If Krishna lost the battle would he be considered as of great Krishna today? Or if Arjuna was killed by Karna under his protection, was that would be any good to him? If that be so, then Krishna thought it with worldly mind, to protect the body of Arjuna. Krishna told Gita four times to Arjuna. When in the end Arjuna could not understand anything Krishna scolded him and marked him as incompetent. Krishna cannot uplift the mind of Arjuna to higher planes and his body fell on the way to Swarga. And did Karna wanted anything from Krishna? No. Krishna wanted so many things from him for his worldly disciples hankering after kingdom.

  83. I do not believe whether there is any God or Goddess in the universe, but to some extent I believe there is some spirit or supernatural power in the universe that has not yet discovered or known. But reading Mahabharata I came to a clear cut conclusion is, it is nothing but a moral or epic. As far as the Krishna or Vishnu is concerned, he is for sure a culprit of Mahabharata war. He did many immoral things that were against the nature and law. So, from the point of individualism or personality I do not like him as a person. At the end, it is a story. Yes, religion won, but through the path of immoral, sinful and wrong deeds with the help of culprit Krishna.

  84. Couple of points: The name of the book is Mahabharat and not Bhagavadgeeta.

    Your assumption that war should be between equal parties is without basis.

    The rules of Dharma Yuddha were violated to some extent in Arjuna's killing of an unarmed Karna. Well, may be Arjun did not have another option.

    Regarding partial sinking of Arjuna's chariot, perhaps it cannot be found fault with. Avoiding an attack is also a part of warfare.

    Lastly, one has to see the balance of Dharma and adharma on both sides in judging. Karan can be found guilty of not puttina his foot down when Duryodhan asked for Draupadi to be brought to the court. He (Karna) considered devotion to Duryodhan was more important than objecting to his bad deeds. Thereby, he became a silent accomplice to all wil deeds of Duryodhan.

    Further, the entire game of dice was unfair, and Duryodhan as well as Karna knew it. So, they were parties to a violation of Dharma of fairness.